• Phase 0 -- Ignition:

    • Alpha & Beta Version of UncleMine DApp (Testnet)

    • UM Public Sale

    • Launch UncleMine DApp -- IMO platform on Solana mainnet (Filecoin computing power & LP tokens supported)

    • UncleMine Community NFT auction

  • Phase1: Traditional mainstream computing power (BTC) chain proof protocol and decentralized computing power market (Solana)

  • Phase2: Explore more abundant types of computing power (BTC, ETH, FIL, ICP, and other new computing power in future Metaverse) on-chain proof and circulation protocol (Solana) and its DeFi/DApp applications

  • Phase3: Cross-platform computing power proof and computing power DeFi /DApp (cross-public chain platform)

  • Phase4: cross-platform/cross-currency universal computing power (universal computing, storage, bandwidth, etc.) on-chain proof protocol and cooperative applications

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