Why first on Solana?

UncleMine will be compatible with almost all smart contracts, but considering the unique characteristics of product design, we will first deploy on the Solana blockchain. This includes smart contracts and ecological construction related to UMOL and UMIGL. Solana is an emerging high-performance public chain with good scalability and rapid ecological development. The transaction volume of assets on Solana is only next to Ethereum and BSC. UncleMine will be deployed on the Solana first based on following considerations:

  • The proof of computing power needs to be instantaneous, and the proof data should be stored directly on-chain and to be able to be used by other DeFi applications. Solana can play a greater advantage than other public chains in this scenario. UncleMine developed a layered storage solution on Solana to enable all proofs to be stored directly on-chain without the help of external storage. This is an exploration of a new paradigm for Solana ecological application development. We will also open-source this storage solution after the code is audited.

  • Most of the DeFi projects on Solana are young, but the growth is rapid. UncleMine hopes to introduce computing power assets in the early days of the ecological DeFi project to promote mutual development.

In the future, UncleMine can be compatible with a variety of different ecosystems, realize cross-chain computing power asset flow, and will support more mainstream public chain ecosystems.

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